While working in the performing arts and fitness, I decided to dive a little deeper in to baking education as a passion project. I have always loved to cook, bake and most importantly share the finished products with others.

During the quarantine period of the COVID-19 pandemic, I took to baking and cooking projects to expand my knowledge, pass the time and stay connected with friends and family. I began experimenting with new baking projects and biking all over Toronto delivering them to friends.

From my small condo kitchen and the wheels of my single speed bike, Buttery Co. was born.


Buttery is about creating. It's about tasting and appreciating everything and everyone involved in producing a finished good. I want the effort, energy and love put into Buttery Co. goods and the ingredients that make the goods, to be what you taste.

Sourcing ingredients locally is a key element behind the Buttery Co. All of my life, my Bubby has grown everything you can imagine in her backyard orchard. Although I have always admired her and been the lucky recipient of seasonal fruits and veggies from her harvest, it was not until I started creating more with food that I developed a truer and deeper appreciation. Being able to incorporate the fruits of her labour in my own creations has made this endeavour and each final product infinitely more meaningful.

Integrating different passions and elements that bring me joy into Buttery Co. is my favourite part about the project as it grows. Firstly, the process of making goods for people to enjoy. Developing recipes and flavours is so exciting for me and something I take immense pleasure in. Another element is riding my bike city-wide to make deliveries. There is nothing I love more than being active and being outdoors which is why I always look forward to delivery days. Last but not least, the partnership of my family, friends and community in collaborating on different aspects of the project makes it that much more enjoyable. I am so fortunate to be able to share time with my Bubby in the orchard, build a community with local growers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and share the love of food.

Food is love and community from it's roots to plate whether it's in the growth, creation or act of sharing.