Pastry + Spread Qs


Q: What is the BEST way to enjoy a Pocket Pie?

Pies can be enjoyed at room temperature or WARM and TOASTY.

For that extra buttery flakiness, pop them in the oven at 350F for just 1-2 minutes!

Pair them with your favourite cold or hot beverage (mine is a cold glass of almond milk or a hot americano) and voilà! Whichever way you choose to eat your pocket pies, you can't go wrong.

Q: What is the BEST way to enjoy a Spread?

Our fruit spreads can be a sparkling addition to many of your favourite snacks, dishes and plates. Here are just a handful of ways you can use them to elevate your next bite:


Spread it on toast with your favourite nut butter


Pair it with cheeses on your next charcuterie board


Add it to yogurt with some crunchy granola


Q: How long do Pocket Pies last?

As long as you resist eating them hehe...

But really the pastries should be consumed within 2-3 days of purchase and stored in a cool dry place. 

Q: How long do Spreads last?

Spreads need to be kept refrigerated. They do not contain any preservatives and will last significantly longer when kept in the fridge. Spreads should be consumed 4-6 weeks after purchase  

Q: Can I freeze my Pocket Pies?

YES! Pocket Pies freeze beautifully. Place the pies in a sealed container or plastic bag (with the air pressed out). The pastries should be consumed within 4-6 weeks of freezing. They can be reheated by simply placing them in the oven at 350F for 2-3 minutes.

Q: Can I freeze my Spread?

YES! Spreads will also freeze very well. If you do not plan on using your spread for several weeks or months, place it in a freezer safe container and freeze it until you are ready to use. When you are ready to enjoy your spread, transfer it from the freezer to fridge and let it thaw overnight for (approx. 6 hours). Stir and enjoy!






Photography by: Zach Zewudia